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The song "Fidelato" from his current album "Aposmos" wins first prize at the "German Songwriting Awards" 2018, in December in Berlin. Vasileios Tzikas' song convinced the jury in the category "Open".


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Aposmos is the award winning debut album of Vasilis Tzikas. It was released last year as a CD and on vinyl and contains 13 instrumental tracks that trace a journey through a life of conquest and fall.

Vasileios Tzikas
Music Composer & Filmmaker

Vasileios Tzikas was born in Larissa, Greece. From childhood he began experimenting with sounds and tones. His passion for sound led him to the University of Crete, where he graduated as a sound engineer. Today he works as a music composer and producer. He is part of various music projects and bands in Greece and Germany. During his studies he discovered his second great passion - film. He directed short films, documentaries and commercials. He produces music videos and works as a cameraman. His music finds its way into various films. Vasileios lives and works in Berlin.


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At the end of last year I won the "German Songwriting Award" in the category "Open" and a sponsorship of "I'm sound". Two nice reporters…
vasileios tzikas
3. September 2019

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