I’m Sound

At the end of last year I won the "German Songwriting Award" in the category "Open" and a sponsorship of "I'm sound". Two nice reporters…
vasileios tzikas
3. September 2019

Aposmos is an orchestral work that carries many sound memories. Tzikas composes very beautiful pieces with an emphasis on melodies and a nostalgic feeling (whose own melody forces you to surface).

Phontas Trussas, vinylmine, greece


As an artist, it is a special event when one's own work is appreciated. Life as a musician is not a walk in the park.…
vasileios tzikas
11. Dezember 2018

A sometimes quiet, sometimes wild ride through a dream he calls life. Vasileio's music definitely belongs in a film by Theo Angelopoulos. Can't you turn back time?

soflow - visual artist, Berlin