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The Berlin based radio station „Radio Eins“ plays „The flying“ from my current album „Aposmos“. In the show „Die blaue Stunde“, moderated by the cabaret artist and anchorman Serda Somuncu, who is well known in Germany, the song will be broadcasted in the Berlin area on December 9th. With up to 700 thousand listeners this broadcast is quite wide-ranging. Thanks to the kind support of Ulrike Sophie Kapfer, who is studio guest and interview partner of Serda Somuncu on this day. This will be possible at all, cause on her playlist is also my song. I am very happy that so many people can hear my composition „Flying“. And many, many thanks to Ulrike Sophie.

The show is also available as a podcast on Youtube. Unfortunately all the songs are missing there, probably for trademark reasons. But – we have recorded the show and put it at your disposal here. With all songs in it.

By the way, this show also features a piece of music by Tini Keck, my friend and colleague from our agency move & shoot. One more reason to listen to the show (all in German of course). Okay – above you will find a compilation of the show – first you hear my song „The flying“ and then after a short introduction Tinchen’s song „Schweine im Weltall“ (Pigs in Space). Have fun.