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From North to South
A Musical Journey

I can't wait: I'm really starting my first solo tour after all. And that at the Terzo Mondo in Berlin on May 23rd. I am happy about every listener, the entrance is free. I am also diligently practicing my new pieces which I will bring to the stage as a multi-instrumentalist with the help of a loop station. I look forward to seeing you there.

This is the press release for my tour "From North to South" - A Musical Journey.

Vasileios Tzikas is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Already as a toddler he was drumming on stones and woods, listening to the sounds of the streams and the wind at the foot of Mount Olympus. His search for the sound of life led him to the island of Crete. As a student he learned to create the optimal sound, to unite singing and instruments with each other and to listen to the expression of the many different ideas and conceptions of the people. He himself founded his first bands and travelled with his family to Germany, learning to love Berlin and to lose it again. His first album "Aposmos" was released in 2017. In a mixture of longing, anger and loneliness he plays loving, cinematic songs wrapped in the cultural cover of his childhood days. He was even awarded first place at the "German Songwriting Awards" for his work. And now he's back. Again small and at the very beginning, again on the search - on the search for the sounds of life and he can hardly wait to tell about it.