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La valse de la Marmaga is one of my oldest songs of the album Aposmos, decompositions and dates somewhere in 2007. It’s a pure guitar piece and I always played it as a solo presentation just with a guitar or with a few other musicians, like bass and percussion. When the moment came to the orchestrations and stop the piece from being just for a solo appearance, the orchestration succeeded one. As orchestrator you are given a lot of possibilities in this particular piece.

Marmaga is the name of a big and posion spider. In Greece, we tend to say that Margaga will eat you. This means when someone is alone without doing anything, is closed to his own, whether by his own will or by third parties.

So, when I pre-recorded and orchestrated myself this piece I came to call it Marmaga. Since it was La Valse de la Marmaga, I loved it very much. so this name was left. During the pre-recording at the studio in 2014 I had videotaped the marmaga by playing all the instruments on my own. It was never published since I entered the studio with the other musicians a little while later and Marmaga was recorded again. Two years later I came back with the same concealed video clip.
One steady camera, two lights, my little nephew for test lighting and a shot, a stereo playing for playback, some of the instruments of my collection and enough appetite was enough to get this video back in one day.

The idea of the script was not the demonstration of the ability to play a lot of musical instruments, since we see that I just tease them and make them play, but that Marmaqa, that big bad spider, does not eat me. With a simple dance and movement I can take it and feel save!